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November 7, 2010 3 comments


Having recently moved to Oklahoma, I registered to vote so I could do my civic duty, even though I knew I was in one of the reddest states in the country. I know it sounds like a lost cause, especially since many right wingers seem to believe that Mickey Mouse can sway an election and two Black Panthers can affect the Electoral College.

But I wanted to vote, if for nothing else, to cast a symbolic vote against Senator Tom Coburn, the man who is single handedly holding up our aid package to Haiti. And this guy’s a doctor?

Little did I know that the midterms in Oklahoma would be a referendum on Sharia Law. I was torn. Seems to me Oklahoma already had Sharia law, so what was the big deal? This all seemed like Sharron Angle’s wet dream. Therefore, I voted FOR Sharia Law in protest. Turned out I was in the minority, as the initiative to ban Sharia Law passed with an unintended effect.

The sad irony is that by standing up for Sharia Law, I was also standing up, in effect, for the Ten Commandments as well, unlike the majority of my more churchy brethren of Oklahoma.

Our own Constitution, of course, already prohibits this (somebody tell Christine O’Donnell), but Oklahoma wanted to be extra sure, I guess. You can never be too careful these days. Just ask Fox News.

To my dismay, the bill passed, thus insuring Sharia Law will not be the law of the land in the twister belt. Yes We Can! This decision, however, would also ban any other International OR religious law from being considered.

The funny thing about religious intolerance is that you can’t exclude someone else’s religion without excluding your own as well.